Part Worn Tyres Pyecombe West Sussex

Are you looking for part worn tyres Pyecombe West Sussex? This article goes into detail about part worn tyres and the service providers that can install them for you in Pyecombe West Sussex.


Motorists usually hunt for part worn tyres in Pyecombe West Sussex as they’re cheaper than buying ones from off the shelf, however the bargain you’re receiving may not be as good as it originally seemed.

The majority of part worn tyres are usually taken from vehicles that have been in an accident and wrote off whilst some are just another drivers old tyres that still have some life left in them. No matter where the tyre is originally from there are dangers to using them.


Part worn tyres Pyecombe West Sussex won’t last nowhere near as long as a brand new tyre would. You may pay half the price for them from the internet but it may only last you a quarter of what a new tyre would which works out in the long run more expensive as you’re replacing your tyres 4 times as much as what everyone else is! However the challenge with part worn tyres is that this may not be the case and the tyre you buy may be practically brand new for half the price.

Although it does come with its implications, a part worn tyre you buy from the internet may look to be in tip-top condition but might have come from a car that has been in a collision and wrote off. Some might be thinking what is the problem with this as long as the tyre isn’t damaged? Well, when a tyre is on a car that has had an accident it’s usually unevenly warn due to the brakes been applied hard and the car sliding along the ground. When a tyre has places where the tread is thinner it’s more prone to a blow out and this could write your car off!

Driving schools in Pyecombe West Sussex see the danger of part worn tyres and tend to usually stay away from purchasing them. With part worn tyres you can rarely pick up a bargain but the dangers of putting them on your car outweighs the small chance of doing so.

Part worn tyres will usually have about 3mm of tread left on them, unlike a brand new tyre which has 8mm, less tread means greater stopping distances so if you did approach a hazard you would have to respond quicker in order to avoid it.


As tempting as a cheap tyre may sound driving schools and other reliable companies in the driving industry would advise you to stay away from the temptation and only buy new tyres for your vehicle.

It’s also incredibly important to pick a reputable part worn tyre installer to ensure that it is fitted correctly.

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